Book of Mormon


The Lord has always been there to guide His children on their sojourn here on earth. He has both inspired and commanded many to write, so that every man or woman in any dispensation of time, can study through available experiences across dispensations of time the love of God for all of His children, and gain from all that is available the knowledge of His goodness and truth, through the consistency of His teachings throughout each period of time.

As you’ve read through the sections on the Old and New Testament, it should now be apparent that there were many who were inspired to write their experiences and messages from God to man, which were not included because they were perceived to be “not acceptable” to the entire church. What are we missing from those books and writings? Are they important to our salvation or our understanding of God’s plan for man? Has the Lord prepared a way for us to yet have some of those lost teachings, understandings and truths?

Before reading the Book of Mormon, it might help to understand its purposes, and then what it is, and what it is not.
The purposes of the Book of Mormon include:

  1. To be yet another witness the Jesus is the Christ, manifesting Himself unto all nations
  2. To demonstrate to Jew and Gentile that the Bible is the word of God
  3. To show unto the remnant of the House of Israel what great things the Lord hath done for their fathers
  4. That all may come to know the covenants of the Lord and His plan for man
  5. To restore to mankind, many of the plain and precious truths taken from the Bible

Thus, if one understands that these are among the key purposes of the Book of Mormon, there may be less resistance, and more of an eagerness to explore its pages. As you do so with a pure intent, you will feel the spirit of the Lord come over you as an encouragement to continue reading and learning of Him. While you are feeling that spirit, we recommend that you offer prayer of gratitude to the Lord for all that He has blessed you with, and then ask Him if the things you are reading are true and truly of Him. For any man or woman can come to know the truthfulness of all things through the spirit of the Lord, the Holy Ghost.

To listen to or read the Book of Mormon on-line, click the following link:  Book of Mormon

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