Blacks In The Bible

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BLACKS IN THE BIBLE (Identifying Blacks throughout the Bible)

Blacks in the Bible is the first of four segments in the Blacks in the Scriptures DVD series and the most impactful to the Black community.  In a study performed by the Higher Education Institute, in association with UCLA, which concluded in 2005, African Americans ranked number one in seven of the twelve spirituality categories measured.  These deeply spiritual roots have been passed on from generation to generation of church goers and Bible faithful.  This commitment is especially impressive in light of the absence of positive religious teachings, mentions or artistic renderings of Black African ancestors in today’s Christian religions.  There are many who regularly mention Cain and Ham and the curses associated with them, leaving and reinforcing the impression that Black equates to cursed or less than.  Was there a positive Black presence in the biblical days?  If there was, wouldn’t the entire world benefit from this knowledge?  Those of African descent could gain a greater sense of self.  This could also help to repudiate much of the confusion about race and encourage unity.

First, what do we mean by Black?  The African continent is eleven million six hundred and thirty-five thousands square miles. It’s as far from one end of Africa to the other as it is from Boston, Massachusetts to Buenos Aries, Argentina, a huge distance.  In that distance we have people of every shape, color, variety, body size, and style.  You have the world’s tallest people, the Watusi, with men often exceeding seven feet; you have the world’s shortest people, the Pigmy.  You have blue-black people in Sudan, and Ethiopia, the Nubians.  You have chocolate brown in West Africa, and you have pecan color in Ethiopia. So when we’re speaking about Black, we’re speaking about any of those variations, any of those colors and body sizes, in addition to their offspring as they mixed and moved about the world.

There are many great books out there that help us to identify archeological and other evidences of Black contribution to biblical history, and Blacks in the Scriptures is a wonderful compliment to each of those great efforts.  One of the keys that make this DVD series truly remarkable is that it’s great discovered treasures are all found in your Bibles.  As you view the series and study the scriptural passages laid out for you, studying the Bible will take on an even greater meaning.  Each and every family now has the ability to pass down accurate knowledge and understanding that helps to illuminate the great worth of each and every soul.  Get your set today.

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