Black LDS Facebook Community

We would like to invite you to join the group “Black Latter Days Saints.”

This is an interactive group for Black Latter Day Saints and their friends and family. It is also for those who may be interested in the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. As well as others who just like to have good clean fun!

The purpose of this group is to share testimonies, uplifting messages, scriptural quotes, great references, questions and answers, upcoming events and activities, and for SINGLES!, gospel music, poetry, GOOD CLEAN COMEDY!!, Family Home Evening Ideas, and YOUR Mama’s soul food recipes!

If you have ANY questions that you would like answered feel free to ask. HOWEVER… HATE MESSAGES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

PLEASE… invite your friends, have fun, and SHARE THE GOOD NEWS!!

This group was formed to be a support for people all around the world!! PLEASE HELP TO UPLIFT AND INSPIRE SOMEONE!! Share your talents! Share your stories! Share your advice! And watch the lives of others be blessed because of your efforts!!


Ellie Mae

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